Workplace fundraising


There are hundreds of ways to get employees involved in fundraising for Richard House. From simple dress-down Fridays to swapping jobs or organising a sponsored event, there is something for every workplace.

Our exclusive office event Boss in the box:

Ever wanted to lock your boss away from the day? Now is your chance! Our exclusive office event Boss in the box is a fun workplace fundraising activity. We have a 2 x 2 metre Perspex box just waiting for you to lock your boss inside!
Lock your boss in the box for the day, or several bosses for a few hours and don´t let them out until they’ve raised enough money from their contacts. Outside of the box, employees raise money to keep the boss inside the box!

For the festive season you could do:

A Gift Wrapping Service
Some people love to wrap presents, some people hate it!
Get the gift wrap lovers together and create a gift wrapping service. People are able to choose the wrapping paper they like and then pay £1 for small items and £2 for larger ones. You can even charge extra for gift bags and bows!

A Quiz Night
Organise a quiz night in your office or at a local pub. Get people into teams and charge £3 per person entry.
You could also award a prize to the team with the best name and run a raffle alongside the quiz. Crank up the competitive element by inviting other companies to take part.

A Christmas Party
Host a Christmas party for your colleagues, get everyone to chip in with a bottle of something and some snacks.
Have a Christmas themed bake sale on the night and a gingerbread man decorating competition.During the day, charge people £2 to dig out their tackiest Christmas jumper to wear around the office.

An Afternoon Tea
Host an afternoon tea in your office, ask a local bakery for a discount on cakes or bake them yourself! Ask some colleagues for help and make a variety of sandwiches.
Charge colleagues between £10 and £15 for an afternoon of tea, cake and sandwiches.

Ban the Buzzwords
Challenge everyone in your office to go a day without using an work related jargon. Choose 5 words that you hear in the office a lot and ban them from being used.
Each time someone uses one of the buzzwords, they have to make a donation of £1!

A Cheese and Wine Night
Host a cheese and wine night in the office, get everyone to bring along a bottle of wine and an unusual cheese. Charge a small entry fee and collect donations.
You could even do blind taste tests with the cheese and wine, get your colleagues to try and guess what they´re tasting.

Walk to Work
An extra challenge now what its not the summer months, how about walking to work, or walk section of your journey instead of using public transport?
Donate the money saved to Richard House and feel yourself getting fitter with every step you take!

If you would like to become a corporate partner, please contact the corporate team on 02075400234 or email for more information.