Payroll giving

Make a REAL difference every month....


What Is Payroll giving?

Payroll giving enables you to make regular donations to Richard House directly from your salary. It’s a great way to give because it’s easy and tax efficient.

So How Does it Work?

Once you’ve signed up, your employer will take your donation off before you are taxed.

Payroll Giving donations are tax free, so it actually costs you less to give us more. Donating £5 a month will only cost you £4.00 at the basic rate of tax and £3.00 at the higher rate of tax.

Why Sign Up?

  • Simple and easy to sign up – just one form to fill in
  • Pay less to give more – get full tax relief on your donation
  • Great for busy people – want to donate, but don’t have the time – then payroll giving is perfect for you!
  • YOU make a huge difference to the lives of life-limited children!

FINAL Payroll Giving EMPLOYEE Booklet with form

FINAL Payroll Giving EMPLOYERS booklet

Download our easy to read guide for employees...

... with a simple form to give to your payroll team included!

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We have a guide for employers too...

.... so find out why payroll giving is such a good thing for everyone!

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