Corporate Christmas Wishlist

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, except this year it’s looking a little bit different.

At Christmas, which can be a very challenging time for many of our families, Richard House offers inclusion into a supportive community. Being a primary care-giver for a life-limited child can be an isolating and lonely responsibility, and we know that seasons like Christmas can worsen feelings of loneliness or sadness for some people. “Holidays” like Christmas, often associated with a day off from work, don’t offer that same respite for our families – they cannot take a break from their 24/7 caring for their child’s complex needs.

Richard House is the safe space that understands these feelings and challenges. We welcome our families into a positive environment that gives them both essential care and a chance to relax and enjoy activities together, free of charge, so that they can have the best festive season possible. They have fun as a family, whilst also socialising with their Richard House friends to widen and strengthen their support network.

This year, Covid-19 presents us with a new challenge, and our families are at risk of isolation once more. We are adapting to ensure this doesn’t happen; planning virtual parties and grottos and still finding ways for Santa to deliver his presents!

You can help us to ring in the New Year with a smile, giving reassurance to our families that Richard House will continue to be there in 2021. We still need to raise £300,000 this year to cover the shortfall created by Covid-19, so now than more than ever we depend on you to help us keep our doors open.


One of the best Christmas gifts you could give this year would be to donate to our Wishlist below and be the Secret Santa that helps protect vulnerable children and their families.

Every gift, no matter how large or small, has an impact. Here’s how your gift could make a difference:

Corporate Christmas Wishlist

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