Help children see the sea!

Many life-limited children have never seen the sea.

For their carers, leaving the house to do everyday tasks, such as going to the supermarket or doctors’ appointments, can be difficult, let alone the idea of a trip to the sea. Will you help the family of a life-limited child have the experience of a summer’s day at Brighton Beach by donating a gift?

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Summer is here and we are sure many families are planning fun days out and trips to the beach. But for the families of life-limited children, even leaving the house can be difficult. Richard House provides opportunities for these families to enjoy a family fun day, either at Richard House where entertainment and activities are put on at the hospice or by arranging transport for an outing… even to the sea.

One of these families are Jade and Met, who have two beautiful children, Archie who is five and Grace, who turned three in April.

When Grace was around five months old she was diagnosed with a chromosomal condition and so far she is the only one in the world with her condition. She has never met a developmental milestone and her parents have been told she probably won’t ever be able to walk.


Grace requires around-the-clock care. She has feeding difficulties and growth and physical issues which impact her day-to-day. Due to Grace’s conditions and the vast amount of equipment Grace needs when she leaves the house, such as oxygen, feeding pumps, her feeds, suction machines, box of syringes, blankets and spare clothes, the family have never had the opportunity to see the sea with their children.

But this summer should be different for them. If everything goes to plan, then they will be down on beach with other Richard House families.

This year Richard House are hoping to put on 13 different trips for both family days out and also trips for the siblings of life-limited children. For Richard House to provide these fun-filled days out, it costs £30,201 or an average of £2,300 per trip.

We hope that you will help us fund these trips by making a donation.

With just a few clicks, YOU can help families like Jade, Met, Grace and Archie to have a memorable family day... and finally see the sea.

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