Meet Kirsty…

Kirsty is Head of Care at Richard House, where she facilitates and manages the daily running of the residential area and supports new families accessing our services. But why did she want to become a nurse?


Kirsty has always wanted to be a nurse

My auntie was a health care assistant and I used to watch her go to work in her uniform, I also got Nurse Barbie and a Nurse outfit and a Doctor’s set for Christmas when I was six and it was then I wanted to become a nurse. My poor sister was always the patient and I would use tomato ketchup as blood.

 She has had a varied nursing career, from working in Afghanistan as a paediatric nurse to becoming an intensive care nurse and Accident and Emergency nurse in Edinburgh.

I was a family nurse in Newham (but I missed Richard House so came back)!

She can still be seen on nursing in the residential unit and feels this is an important part of her life, as she gets fulfilment and purpose from making a family’s worst experience imaginable the best it can be. Kirsty feels strongly about hospice care:

I believe every child or family should be offered the support as early as possible, it’s an integral part of their journey a journey which can made never easier but a little smoother with a guide along the way.

She continued:

I love it here at Richard House, it’s a like a little family home from home. When I think of a children’s hospice, I associate happy, laughter memories, homely, family and that’s what I think of when I think of hospice care here at Richard House.

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