West Ham show support for Richard House at match against Huddersfield

Published: March 18, 2019

West Ham are committed charity partners; as well as hosting a Christmas party each year, they also support us through an awareness match. Before kick-off they showed a video about Richard House on the big screens and welcomed our volunteer bucket collectors.

Two of our children had the privilege of being mascots and walking onto the pitch with the team.

One was Musa, who suffered from leukaemia at the age of 10 months and has a compromised immune system. Now 5, he is an energetic, charismatic and playful child. He is quite outgoing but on some occasions he can be shy. He loves to tell stories, especially of all the different experiences he has had.

Mum, Sultana, said: “Although he is living with a life limiting condition no one will be able to tell the struggles he faces, or the obstacles he has overcome when they see just how full of life he is.”

She continued: “Since he came back from being a mascot he can’t stop smiling and talking about everything that he experienced from going to the dressing room to holding the “goal peepers” hand.  I cannot thank Richard House for everything they do and provide.”

The other mascot was Calvin, who has been visiting Richard House since he was a baby. He also met the West Ham players in December and his mum Maureen says he has not stopped talking about them since.

“When Calvin was born I had nobody to help me until Richard House,” said Maureen. “Their support was life-changing for Calvin and my family.”

Now 12, he has complex health needs, a life-limiting illness and is dependent on numerous medications and equipment. Maureen has always desperately wanted Calvin to gain his independence and live his life to the full like other children.

“I can really see the difference Richard House has made. Despite having two major operations in the past two years, meaning he needs medical attention every few hours, Richard House has helped him develop a greater sense of independence, and he has the opportunity to live a full life.

“Calvin has not stopped smiling about being a mascot. It is something he will never forget.”

Thank you to our volunteers, West Ham United Football Club and the West Ham Foundation for supporting us in their local community.