Tea and cakes in memory of their angel raises money for children’s hospice

Published: March 29, 2018

Christina and George Flourentzou honoured the memory of their beautiful baby son Angelo by holding a tea and cake event at the weekend to raise money for Richard House Children’s Hospice where Angelo passed away. They raised an amazing £640.

“Richard House is a place close to our heart and we will never forget the kindness they showed to us and Angelo.”

Baby Angelo was two months old when doctors confirmed that he had a genetic condition that meant he was only expected to live just a matter of months. Richard House provided the support, space and unique care for the family to spend with their son at the most difficult of times.

“When they told us that he wasn’t going to live for long it was like a hammer on the head, we were so upset,” said George.

“One night Angelo had a temperature and we rushed him to A&E. They said he would die within 30 minutes so we said our goodbyes. I stayed awake for two days holding him. His heart was really strong and he wasn’t dying.

“And that was when I heard about Richard House and someone from the hospice came to speak with us.” said George.

As soon as they arrived at Richard House they knew it was the right decision, says Christina. “It felt relaxed, friendly and warm and like everyone had a heart. To a parent that’s so important. There were no restrictions on visitors so there was always someone with Angelo. We stayed in the flat upstairs and he had his own nurse, we were able to actually have some rest.”

“Before, I never knew what a hospice looked like,” added George. “I imagined rooms full of people dying but it was completely different, it was a really welcoming place to be. The rooms are nice and it didn’t feel gloomy or scary. And they even helped with funeral arrangements.”

Angelo died in George’s arms after seven days at Richard House, aged seven months. “We gave our angel a bath and dressed him. After he died he was moved to the ‘Rainbow Suite’, a peaceful private space where we, and our family and friends, could take our time saying goodbye to Angelo.” said Christina.

Richard House provides care to children with a serious illness as well as offering vital support for their families and rely on the generosity of donors to carry out their work and to raise £3 million this year.

If you can spare some time and fundraise for families like Angelo’s, download our fundraising pack or visit our Get Involved section for more ideas.