Tasmea, 6, donates all her birthday money to Richard House!

Published: August 22, 2018

Six year old Tasmea wanted to help children at Richard House, so she decided to give her birthday money totalling £103 to the hospice.

Dad Bashar said,

I have always encouraged Tasmea to think of others but we never imagined that she would give up all her birthday gifts. Her actions have made me the proudest dad in London!


Tasmea was so inspired by the nurses at Richard House that she decided to contact all her friends and family and ask them to give her money instead of presents for her sixth birthday, all of which she gave to the hospice. I hope Tasmea stands as an example for other children and the difference they can make to those living with a life-limiting illness.

Tasmea’s generosity will provide an hour of expert palliative care and therapy sessions to help children communicate. She told us,

I wanted to help other children in our community.

The youngster also invited her friend Nabeeha who came along to the hospice with her family. Nabeeha has planned to do the same on her birthday in September.

Shahz Hussain, Community and Events Manager at Richard House said:

It’s such a joy to see young people getting involved with our charity and it gives hope for the future of Richard House.


Young Tasmea has shown a strength of character far beyond her years. It’s hard to believe that someone so young can be so creative and show so much empathy for other children that she is willing to give away all her gifts.

A HUGE THANK YOU from all of us at Richard House, Tasmea!