Star students win an award for their fantastic fundraising

Published: June 26, 2018

Students at Queen Mary University Ahlulbayt Islamic Society (QM ABsoc) have raised an amazing £502.24 for Richard House, and we cannot thank them enough for their support.

They have been so committed and dedicated to their fundraising that they also won an award from their student union for their efforts.

We were delighted to invite the students to Richard House for their cheque presentation and to give them a tour, so that they could see first-hand how their donation would help to make a difference.

We asked Delaram, the president of QM ABsoc, who is pictured above with their certificate, to tell us about their fundraising.

Tell us a bit more about QM ABSoc

At QM ABSoc, we follow the path of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his son-in-law Imam Ali (AS).


Imam Ali (AS) was known to be a patron of children in need, particularly orphans. In order to honour him we wanted to establish a link with a children’s charity in his name and continue the tradition of care for children.

Why did you choose Richard House?

We could not have found a more deserving and valuable charity as Richard House. The relief, respite and joy they provide seriously ill children and their families is priceless and we are lucky to have been able to contribute in any way.

What did you do to fundraise?

Through fundraiser movie nights, bake sales, catching people for donations on campus and selling tickets to an event commemorating the birth of Imam Ali (AS) in the name of Richard House we were able to raise £502.24 and we hope to raise more in the upcoming year. Thank you to Richard House for everything you do!

We’d like to say a very big thank you to QM ABsoc for their hard work, dedication and support. Your donation will make a big difference to our children and families.