Richard House staff and volunteers take on Bear Grylls

Published: October 11, 2016

This past Saturday, ten Richard House staff and volunteers proved there’s no challenge too great, as they took on the Bear Grylls Survival Race, raising over £2,000 for the hospice!

As expected it was a tough task but all participants took it on bravely and managed to finish the 5k course in under an hour.

The race consisted of a number of challenging obstacles including ‘the mountain’, a 50ft high structure that participants had to scale before descending vertically in a fabric chute.

Caroline O’Connor, Richard House, Director of Finance & Operations who also participated in the race says: “I raced in memory of Bobby, my courageous and kind nephew. Being just a week short of my 50th birthday, it was a major challenge for me. I am so proud to have succeeded and grateful for the chance to raise funds to support other families through Richard House’s work.”