Parent gives profits from Christmas eCards cards to Richard House as a tribute to the staff who looked after his daughter

Published: December 16, 2018

Sujay Jayaram, Founder of, asks that you consider using to send your eCards this Christmas. takes no money from this process whatsoever and all of the profits from this activity go to Richard House as a tribute to the staff who looked after his daughter who died at Richard House 13 years ago.

In 2005 Sujay’s family was blessed with a little girl. Sadly, their daughter was very ill when she was born and for the first three months of her life, she lived in the Neo-Natal ward at St Thomas’ Hospital as she was simply too ill to be taken back home. Towards the end of this time (and with the guidance of a very special person who helped them cope with their journey), they were introduced to the idea of moving our child to a children’s hospice.

He still feels uneasy with the words ‘children’ and ‘hospice’ together and found the first visit to a children’s hospice traumatic. They could not offer the level of care his little girl needed and he said that the next place they went to, with fingers crossed and hope disappearing, was Richard House.

He continued: “When we asked what care we could be offered, we were told “you can come tomorrow and still with us as long as you like”. Three short months later, our beautiful little girl passed away in Richard House and during that time, the staff there did everything in their power to help us create memories and to make dull some of the pain.”

Please consider using to send your eCards this Christmas, simply go to