Launch of our One Hour campaign

Published: November 21, 2017

Stars of screen and stage ask people to give one hour of their pay to the capital’s children’s hospice this December

Imelda Staunton, who is currently appearing in the hit musical Follies at the National Theatre and is well known to audiences from films such as Harry Potter, Vera Drake and Sense and Sensibility, today asked people to support the Richard House Children’s Hospice #One Hour Campaign this December.

Chris Baker, CEO

Richard House CEO, Chris Baker said:

““When a child is diagnosed with a serious life-limiting condition, the whole family is thrown into turmoil. We are here to support them through these difficult times, and continue to do so even after their child has died. With the majority of our funding coming from donations, this year we need to raise £3 million to continue looking after seriously ill children and their families, so we ask that you donate #OneHour of your pay today so we can continue being there for hundreds of children and their families across London.”

Jim Carter


Jim Carter is known to millions as Mr Carson in Downton Abbey and has just finished playing the part of the Earl of Kent in King Lear for the BBC with Sir Anthony Hopkins playing King Lear.

Jim joined Imelda in saying:

”One hour of your salary donated to the Richard House #One Hour Campaign will make a real difference to the families of children with serious conditions. Please be generous and join us in supporting this wonderful campaign.”


Myles, two, is a frequent visitor to Richard House. He has short gut syndrome, which means he is unable to absorb and properly digest food and nutrients. He is fed through a Hickman line which has been surgically placed into his heart and needs constant supervision especially when he is connected to his Hickman Line and feedbag. He is connected for 14 hours in the day and it is vital to ensure that Myles has no infection of or conditions which affect his Hickman line which flows directly into his heart arteries and veins. Myles’ mum, Myra, is his full time carer and he can only be left with medically trained family and care professionals.

Jerry During, Myles’ dad, said:

“A common misconception is that hospices are places only for children nearing death. Instead I would say hospices as amazing as Richard House provide children and families with a new lease of life. There are like a brilliant extended family member offering families and children joy, happiness, and the ability to be included in the normal activities of family life taking away those barriers. For us Richard House offers essential support for our family, a place where Myles is included in everyday fun childhood activities and quality time both with Myles and for us as parents together when he has overnight care.”

Jim and Imelda are both patrons of Richard House. Imelda said:

“I’m honoured to be a Patron of Richard House Children’s Hospice which does such wonderful work with children with life limiting conditions and offers essential support to their families.”

To get involved please go and give one hour of your pay this December.