Meet Tim

Published: June 1, 2018

Hello I’m Tim…

…and when I am not volunteering, I’m the Chief Executive of a marketing communications group, we put teams of creative and procurement people into large brands and organisations, what people now term an insourced advertising agency.

I am currently volunteering my skills at Richard House and have been encouraging others to give their skills and resources pro bono to the hospice.

I was born in Dartford and lived my formative years in Bexley with my mum, dad and my sister. I was a chronic asthmatic from the age of 3 – 18 and regularly hospitalised. Mum passed away in 2005 and my dad is looked after by a care home in Sidcup, he is suffering from Dementia.

I’m married to a wonderful lady and we have two delightful children, Jack 12 and Ava 7.

I decided to volunteer because…

… I spend too much time trying to improve the profitability and balance sheets of companies and not enough time on the truly worthwhile things.

Last year was the most difficult of my working life to date and yet I managed to focus on how insignificant my problems are in comparison to others.

I’m still searching for a better quotation but “for evil to succeed it takes for only good men to do nothing” comes close to what I feel about volunteering or making a donation. Do something, however small.

My wonderful son chose Richard House, and donated a huge chunk of his birthday money in the process.

I’m immensely proud of his attitude to these things and frankly my daughter is cut from the same cloth, namely that of their mothers’.

The best bit about volunteering…

… is the thought that I might do something to help a child and their family cope a little better, or upsettingly enjoy their final days just a little more.