Magical Christmas trip to Lapland

Published: December 23, 2014

The Inns family

Nat Inns and her daughter Caitlin had a magical Christmas trip at the weekend, enjoying a trip of a lifetime to Lapland thanks to Colchester Travel.

The special offer came through Richard House which supports the family and Nat’s eldest daughter, 15 year-old Olivia who has cerebral palsy.

Nat says she was shocked when she found out about the offer of the special four day holiday: “I was out shopping when Richard House called me to let me know about the offer and I was so overwhelmed I had to sit down! We have been going through a really tough period with Olivia and her seizures, so the holiday came at the perfect time. We were humbled to have been offered the holiday and really grateful.”

Olivia was able to have a short break at the hospice for three of the days to help allow the family to take advantage of the offer.

Nat says: “The holiday was amazing, there were so many memorable things but the best was being pulled on a sleigh over the frozen ice by the huskies. I thought about where I was a few days before and it was almost unbelievable.”

When there were two available seats for a Nordic Experience trip to Lapland Colchester Travel owner John Bennett decided that he would make a difference and offer them to a family from the hospice.

John said: “I had a strong memory of visiting Richard House with the National Westminster Lodge No. 3647, who have supported the hospice, and being taken by how the hospice was a haven for families and the commitment of the staff and volunteers. I wanted to give some happiness to a family at Richard House and was delighted to hear how much Nat and Caitlin enjoyed the trip.”

John, who is a Master of the Lodge, said: “Sometimes people don’t realise that the parents and siblings of children at a hospice are tied down in what they can do. It’s nice to have the chance to add a little something special and offer an experience to a family that will have a really lasting impact. It helps show them that people really do care.”

Pictured: The Inns family (clockwise from left: Caitlin, Mike, Nat, Olivia)