Launch of Family Matters clinics for families

Published: May 5, 2015

This week we launch Family Matters, a series of monthly clinics that families who are registered with Richard House can attend to receive free and confidential advice from a variety of professionals.

At each clinic families will have the chance to meet with a range of experts for a one-to-one consultation with the following:

  • A pharmacist from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals who will answer any questions and concerns around medication.
  • A children’s palliative care consultant from Great Ormond Street Hospital who will review  the health needs of children.
  • Professional advocates from LawWorks who will answer legal queries, for example about housing, residency or benefits.
  • Colleagues from Orchard Hill College who will advise on education and independent living.

Tracie Dempster, director of family and care services at Richard House said: “Staff throughout the hospice work very closely with a range of health professionals, so we decided to really harness this by inviting them in to meet with families and offer their specialised guidance.”

Tracie says the clinics will be evaluated after six months, and after that may look to involve a wider range of professionals.

Please note, these clinics are only available to families who are registered with Richard House. The first clinic is next Wednesday, and we will be holding them on the first Wednesday of every month after that. To sign up please contact Kelsey by phoning 0207 540 0217, or emailing