Kerry Morgan is raising money for Richard House by running a half marathon in Ireland. Uphill!

Published: February 24, 2016

Kerry Morgan is raising money for Richard House by running a half marathon in Ireland.  Uphill!

On Sunday 10th April this year, Kerry will join a select group of hardy souls who will not only be running 13.1 miles but doing so up hill and down dale at the Connemarathon in County Galway on the picturesque west coast of Ireland.

Speaking about her running background, Kerry explains, “I was on the cross country team at school and then I gave up when I left school and then I started running again when my daughter was 2 to try and get fit again after having been pregnant and I’ve run ever since. I’ve only run for fitness and pleasure and then last year my friend Sam who has done many, many marathons persuaded me to do this one in Connemara. So, when I came to do it this year I thought, ‘I know, I need to raise some money for somebody’ and anything to do with Sara and Wolf was an obvious choice really.” She said referring to Sara Hazzard, our trustee and mother of Wolf, always taking part in the activities of Richard House.

Discussing this particular event, Kerry explains both its attraction and its challenges, “You start off at a lake and then you run along the foot of the mountains basically, on a road, but you’re running along the foot of the mountains and all the roads are closed. It’s just beautiful! And then you finish at another lake. But it is just very hilly. You start and then it’s about a mile uphill and then it kind of flattens out a bit and then it’s pretty much up and down, up and down, up and down, until you get to ‘Hell of the West’, which is 2 miles uphill, at about mile 10. So that’s a bit of a killer. And it’s pretty much ‘head down and don’t think about it!’”

Ultimately, though, Kerry believes it is well worth her effort to support her friend Sara, her son Wolf and the great work done at the hospice. Explaining why she chose to fundraise for Richard House, she says: “I know Sara through school. They had little Wolfy, who just had so many health problems when he was little, and they’re just such an amazing family, you know – they just don’t ever let anything get in the way; they just get on with it and every blip in Wolf’s health is taken in their stride and they keep going forward. I also have a 12-year old niece Freya who was born with a chromosomal disorder and the struggles that Sara, Peter and Wolf go through are very similar to those of my sister, her husband and Freya. So when Sara told me about Richard House and the work they do and I just thought, ‘Yeah – that’s what I need to fundraise for.’”

You can help Kerry reach and even beat her fundraising goal by heading to her Just Giving page here.