Local running club, Dockside Runners, raises money for Richard House!

Published: August 26, 2018

Kayes Uddin, co-founder of Newham’s local sports club Dockside Runners saw triumphant in a battle against obesity, losing an incredible 13 stone. His inspirational journey not only saw him turn his life around but sparked efforts to transform the lives of others.

Both Kayes and members of the club saw victory in a 5K relay race, raising an admirable £342.10 for Richard House Children’s Hospice. Weight loss surgery back in 2011 encouraged him to turn his life around.

Kayes said,

Coming from 30st to 13st has enabled me to take control of my life and give back in ways I could never comprehend.

Dockside Runners was set up to inspire colleagues at Newham Council and members of the community to get fit and enjoy the great outdoors. Kayes, who took the opportunity to raise money for Richard House upon entering the relay race stated,

Most of the staff at work at Newham Council were aware of my body transformation and how I almost lost my life to obesity making it easier to collect donations.

Richard House was Kayes’ charity of choice having previously discovered the great work the hospice does and how the charity helped a young boy Murad born with a series of life-threatening conditions lead a very normal life. As a parent of three kids Kayes said,

I can relate to some of the difficulties and struggles faced by families at Richard House but there are further hurdles when a special child is given to us, we put our life on hold to dedicate it to the child. The young people are our future, and we as residents and people alike need to showcase great collaborative working with organisations such as Richard House.


Truly inspirational, THANK YOU from all of us at Richard House, Kayes and the team at Dockside Runners!