Hospice UK representative visits Richard House

Published: November 7, 2016

Last month we had the pleasure of being visited by Hospice UK Senior New Business Executive Jennifer Hammond. She wanted to find out more about the work of the hospice as well as meet some of the staff and volunteers who make it all possible.

Jennifer spent time with our Fundraising, Care and Communications teams to better understand the specific responsibilities and challenges of each of the departments and how they compare to the ones at Hospice UK.

Jennifer said: “I chose to visit Richard House as its my local children’s hospice and I really wanted to see what a children’s hospice was like day to day. I think even for someone who works in the hospice sector I still had many misconceptions about the realities of children’s hospices. After just a day at Richard House I was really surprised by what a happy, bright place it was, full of smiles and fun. I was up taking part in dances for their Diwali celebrations and helping our with breathing and movement classes – it really was a great experience being part of the Richard House family for a few days.”