Tears of relief due to our lifeline service: Hospice at Home

Published: August 9, 2019

Richard House Children’s Hospice’s new programme, Hospice at Home enables families to have a few precious hours of respite in their own home whilst one of our Play and Care Workers cares for their child. Sheryl said:

“When I told one mother about this programme she broke down in tears of relief, as she’d never been able to access respite care before.”

The complexity of life-limiting illness means our children require lots of equipment when travelling. This can be very stressful and expensive as families may need to hire taxis instead of using public transport. Not all families can afford the additional expense, preventing them coming to the hospice to receive the respite care they need. Hospice at Home can help these families by delivering the same standard of care, in the comfort of their own home.

At present, we have 18 children with complex health needs as part of this service. This means 18 families have a chance to catch up on sleep, do simple things like buy groceries or, have a few hours to themselves, where they are not required to take on the role as a career, whilst knowing their child is safe with a specialist member of staff from the Hospice.

We currently only have the funds to allocate 1 Play and Care Worker to Hospice at Home. We want this much needed service to be an option for more families in London and beyond.

There are many families who feel isolated and need the extra support at home. At present, we can only offer this life-line to few. You can help make a difference, simply contact fundraising@richardhouse.org.uk to find out how.