Furry friends drop by to say ‘hello’!

Published: June 24, 2015

Children and young adults in our residential area had a treat as some very furry (and some not so furry) visitors dropped by to say ‘hello’!

The animals were brought in by Alamanda Therapy Animals, from Essex, with a variety of creatures including one of their miniature horses, Applause. Pickles, a miniature dachshund, was also present along with a rabbit and skinny pig. The youngsters got to hold and pet the animals as well as walk Applause in the play area outside.

“We’re so thankful for the Alamanda Therapy Animals for coming to see us. It was such a great opportunity for the children and young adults to be able to experience these animals because they just respond so beautifully to them. ” – Smiya Ahmed, Play Specialist at Richard House

Therapy animals are a great way to stimulate children and young adults at the hospice, with joy and excitement as Applause came into view, Pickles gave them kisses, and the rabbit simply sat in their laps.

Alamanda Therapy Animals is a small charity with a passion for animals that makes trips to special needs schools, hospices, charity events and even family visits. To find out more about them, please visit their website at www.alamanda.co.uk.

Pictured: Wolf Hazzard and student nurse Nensi Parekh meet a skinny pig