Dagenham schoolchildren raise £400

Published: February 11, 2015

Students from year six at Marsh Green Primary School present the cheque

Students in a class at Marsh Green Primary School in Dagenham raised £400 for Richard House through a fantastic recent fundraising effort.

After a granddad of one of the students was taken ill, students in the class resolved to do what they could to help others. Deciding to make a difference to local children, they began raising for a children’s charity, choosing Richard House. The thoughtful students used their entrepreneurial skills to help sell ice poles, cakes and crisps on Wednesday playtimes over the course of a year to raise the money.

One of the students in the class said “We were very eager to make as much money as possible to provide for the sick children – to make a difference. We are very proud of ourselves for raising the money for children who are less fortunate than us.”

Emma Evans, community and events fundraiser at Richard House, said: “It was really generous and thoughtful idea by the class to help children in their local hospice and an amazing effort. They should be so proud of their efforts in raising the money and know that it will really help children and families at Richard House.”

Pictured: Students from class 6NB present the cheque from their effort to community fundraiser Emma Evans (photo courtesy of the Barking and Dagenham Post)