Local girl, 7, sets trend for peers to donate birthday money to Beckton hospice

Published: October 4, 2018

Nabeeha visited Richard House with her parents and her friend Tasmea, when Tasmea donated her birthday money to Richard House Children’s Hospice in Beckton last month.  Nabeeha was so motivated by what Richard House does for local children with life-limiting conditions that she invited her friends and relatives requesting them to donate cash instead of bringing gifts to her 7th birthday party last week.

Dad Ryhan said:

Nabeeha feels she is blessed and fortunate enough with her good health and would rather support local children who need that, than have toys.

Nabeeha is studying in year two in Monega Primary School, East Ham and wants to inspire her friends and year mates to do the same for their upcoming birthday parties.

Shahz Hussain, Community and Events Manager at Richard House said:

It was touching to see someone so young make such sacrifices to help children living with life limiting llnesses.  Nabeeha has shown a maturity far beyond her years and I hope she stands as an example to other children her age

Well done Nabeeha!