Award-winning star chef cooks up a storm at Richard House

Published: June 29, 2015

Today, the Richard House kitchen was filled with a new aroma of Israeli cuisine as it was visited by a very special guest!

Chef Moshe Basson, executive chef and owner of The Eucalyptus Restaurant in Jerusalem, was invited to come while attending a food festival in London this past weekend. Not only did he come cook for children and their parents (as well as staff and volunteers) but also allowed everyone to help make juice and gave a few tricks on eating smarter and more healthily.

When asked if he enjoyed cooking at Richard House he answered with a smile; “Of course. I loved cooking for these beautiful children and their parents. It is important to cherish the parents as well as the children.”

Chef Basson said he did not hesitate to accept the offer to cook here, “I have worked with at-risk children many times, especially at a soup kitchen in Israel, so they are very close to my heart.”

Chef Basson presented us with sautéed spinach with ginger and olive oil followed by a large saucer containing onions, peppers, tomatoes, ginger, salt and pepper, and with eggs on top. He explained that cooking healthy is easy as long as you get in the kitchen and try, give yourself a little experience and “something to compare with.” He said, “We all have talent, but we are just afraid to use it.”

We would like to thank Chef Moshe Basson, as well as his sous chef for the day, Elise Steinberg from the Israeli Embassy, for visiting us at Richard House and feeding us a delicious and healthy Israeli meal!

Pictured: Chef Moshe Basson showing his meal to Mambana Kone and her son Steven