Meet Hayley

Play and Youth Facilitator


Hayley I live in Essex, I am one of four siblings, two girls and two boys. I have a very big family, but I live with my mum, Nan, younger brother and my dog Benji. When I’m not at work, I like to spend time visiting my cousins and going out for dinner. I love going to the cinema and after a day at work my favourite thing to do is sit on my bed with a cup of tea and chocolate biscuits, and watch a film with my dog. My favourite film is Practical Magic, I’m sure I’ve watched it 1000 times.

Previously I worked with adults with complex medical needs, and when I saw the job opportunity here at Richard House, I instantly decided that it was the right job for me. My role here is Play and Youth facilitator, so I organise the Siblings Trips, and help organise the events that we run through the summer holidays and half terms. I organise and run the youth groups here and also work with the young adults who are in the transition phase.

The STaR Team are responsible for organising, and managing all the activities, family trips, siblings trips, youth groups and other events such as the Eid Celebration, Christmas Wonderland, Parents Forums, family days and Musical production. We make it so that these events and activities are accessible to all who wish to attend. For many of our families a family day out would be difficult but with our help it is made possible. The children and their siblings love our trips, the siblings get to go to places that would otherwise be inaccessible to the family.

After my first visit to Richard House I realised how incredible it was, every day is different. One day I am decorating cakes, the next I am holding a bearded dragon and then the next day I am at Harry Potter World.

Richard House is full of possibilities and every member of staff here brings something special, whether that be a joke, a smile or a cuddle. I have never seen a support network like it, we have all bases covered should someone be in need of help.