Meet Anna

Psychotherapist - Social, Therapeutic and Resource (STaR) Team


I am a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist (RDMP) and provide therapeutic support for the families at Richard House, at home and at schools. You can also see me at our family and sibling events getting involved as part of the STaR Team.

Having started my career journey as a dancer, I became interested in working with children while teaching dance in schools across London-this inspired me to explore different ways of connecting with people, including those with special needs. I came across Dance Movement Psychotherapy and immediately felt drawn to this creative approach, which can be applied to any age and ability.

Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) is one of the creative arts therapies alongside art, music and drama. Based on the belief that mind and body are connected and changes in movement patterns can affect total body functioning, DMP is a relational, creative process where the client and the therapist use body movement and dance as expressive tools for interaction and communication to assist in the integration of emotional, cognitive, physical, social and spiritual aspects of self.

I first came to Richard House as a final year student from Goldsmiths University, studying MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy. I was taken by the welcoming atmosphere and the overall feeling of an organisation wanting to make a difference in people’s lives. My first impressions must have stayed with me as when I was finishing my studies a role became available and I did not hesitate to apply and here I am.

My current role as a Psychotherapist is very varied as I provide therapy for children, their siblings and parents/carers. In addition to one-to-one sessions I currently facilitate a weekly group for children staying in care as well as a monthly Mum’s group.

I am also responsible for bereavement support for families, before and/or after a child dies. Whether it is a one off meeting or ongoing consistent one-to-one support, I aim to follow the client’s needs with a flexible approach.

What I like most are the real connections with families and the moments when you feel you have really reached someone and met their needs.

I see daily what a huge difference it can make, not just for the children but for the whole family, to have access to a place like Richard House. In addition to meeting complex care needs, I believe Richard House offers the children an opportunity to connect with others, whether it is through play or therapy, in a safe and caring environment, like a home from home. It also gives the rest of the family some much needed space to breathe and rest.

I feel privileged to belong to the Richard House Team.