Young adults


We know growing up is hard enough, but especially for young people with life limiting conditions.The children and young people we support are life-limited, and are not expected to live into adulthood. However, advances in medical care mean that more and more young people are now surviving – and thriving – beyond their childhood years. This can present new challenges for both the young person and their family, including how to manage the transition from a children’s hospice care to adult services.

At Richard House we aim to help make this transition as smooth as possible, through the use of family and young people ‘transition reviews’, establishing their wants and needs from their future adult care.

With the support of our Transitions Practitioner, referrals, signposting and queries to adults services can be advocated for you, where the Practitioner can liaise with professionals in adult education, social care and health care settings and advise the young person and their family on the transition progress.

We want everyone to be fully prepared for the changes from children’s to adult palliative care, so no-one is left behind.