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Community Groups

We rely on you're generous support to continue our vital work. If you’re a member of a local group, click to find out more about how you can get involved today.


Faith Groups

Richard House’s children and families are from many different faiths and cultures. Here, you can see how your place of worship can support us.


Festive Fundraising

Make the most of the holiday season with these festive fundraising tips

Youth and Education

Fundraising for Richard House is lots of fun but also helps young people to learn about the importance of their local charity




Raising money in your school for Richard House is a great way to get pupils and teachers supporting your local community. So find out now just how easy we’ve made it for you.



By fundraising for Richard House with your RAG Group, university society or on your own, you will be developing project management and budgeting skills to help impress future employers. You can be as creative as you like with your ideas, but we’ve made start for you.

Do your own fundraising!

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