Supporting families every step of the way.

In the midst of life’s challenges, finding a community that understands and supports you is invaluable. At Richard House, we recognise the unique journey that families with children facing life-limiting illnesses undertake, and we are here to stand by your side every step of the way.

Our commitment to families.

Our commitment goes beyond medical care; it extends to the hearts and homes of the incredible families we serve. We understand that each family’s story is unique, and we are dedicated to providing compassionate, personalised support that meets your needs.

Counselling services.

We know the difficulties that raising a child with a life-limiting condition has on your mental health.

Practical help.

From our respite care services, to meal assistance programmes or transportation assistance. We’re here to help.

Support groups.

Peer support groups for loved ones, allowing them to connect with others facing similar challenges.

Bereavement support.

Every family will have a different journey through grief and we are there to provide individualised counselling and support services for families.

Our counselling services.

Caring for a child with a life-limiting illness can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to face it alone.

Our counselling services are tailored to provide a supportive space where families can navigate the complexities of their experiences, share their feelings, and find the strength to move forward.


Our experienced and compassionate counsellors offer one-on-one sessions to parents, siblings, and other family members. Whether you're seeking guidance on managing stress, coping with grief, or simply need someone to talk to, our counsellors are here to listen, support, and empower you on your unique journey.


Connecting with others who share similar experiences can be a powerful source of comfort. Our group counselling sessions bring together families facing common challenges. These sessions foster a sense of community, providing a space to share stories, insights, and coping strategies.


Virtual sessions provide a convenient and secure way to access support from the comfort of your home, ensuring that distance or other barriers do not hinder your ability to connect with our counselling services.

Respite care - a break for families, joy for children.

Our respite care programmes is an integral part of Richard House. It provides families with a much-needed break while ensuring that children receive specialised care and support. Our respite services create an environment where children can explore, learn, and play, surrounded by a team of compassionate professionals.

Our peer support groups.

In this space, you’ll find not just support but a community that understands and shares your experiences. Connect with other families facing similar challenges, exchange stories, and build relationships that can provide comfort and strength.

Mum's Group

Connect with other mothers facing similar challenges, share experiences, and find strength in a supportive community tailored for the unique journey of caregiving.

Dad's Group

Join our dedicated fathers’ group, a space where dads can openly discuss their experiences, challenges, and triumphs while navigating the path of caring for a child with a life-limiting illness.

Sibling's Group

Our sibling support group provides a caring environment for brothers and sisters, offering a space to share feelings, experiences, and forge connections with others who understand the impact of having a sibling with special needs.

Sibling groups provide fun trips and activities with other boys and girls living in similar circumstances and give the opportunity for life- long friendships to be made.

Virtual Parent's Forum

They provide a time for families to be updated by senior management of any important information or changes at the hospice. Families can use these forums to make their own suggestions and ideas heard as their opinion is valued by all staff.

Bereavement support.

Recognising that each family experiences grief uniquely, our commitment to supporting you involves assigning a dedicated member of our Family Support team upon joining our service. This individual will build a personal connection with you, understanding your needs and facilitating tailored support, whether through casual walks and conversations or scheduled counselling sessions with our specialised counsellors.

Your dedicated family support worker is committed to offering intensive assistance in the immediate days and weeks following your child’s passing, and they will continue to reach out every few months until three years have passed.

Throughout this journey, our family support workers use their wealth of knowledge, to aid families in both subtle and significant ways. Remember, your family support worker is always available for a conversation whenever you feel the need to reach out.

If you are recently navigating the path of loss.

Losing a child is an unimaginable and heart-wrenching experience, and during this time, we want to extend our heartfelt condolences and offer support tailored to your unique needs. At Richard House, we understand that the journey of grief is deeply personal, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

If you are ready to explore our bereavement services or have questions about how we can assist you, please reach out below.

We will then assign you a family support worker who are there to guide you, lend a supportive hand, and ensure that you feel surrounded by understanding and care.

In this challenging time, know that you are not alone. The Richard House community is here to walk with you on your path of healing.


If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch with our family liaison team manager.

Carol Butwell

Family Liason Team Manager