Meet Grace…


Grace is a smiley, bouncy two year old and regularly visits Richard House with mum, Jade, dad, Metin, and brother Archie. Grace has an extremely rare chromosomal condition and she needs 24 hour care and supervision, day and night, which had fallen solely to Jade and Metin.  The family were referred and accepted for support at Richard House. After meeting with the family and having all the information needed about Grace, the care team put together a plan that covers what health support Grace and her family need on a daily basis.

Jade said

The best thing about Richard House is that the staff make you feel safe and comfortable, you feel like you’re not on your own and that you are part of the Richard House family. This means a lot as one of the most challenging things about looking after a child with additional needs is the loneliness and isolation that you can feel.

Grace has benefited a great deal from music therapy at Richard House. Jade said

Since coming to Richard House, Grace is a lot happier and very excited when I mention visiting the hospice. When you visit hospitals frequently you end up seeing the same four walls and for children it’s hard to explore the natural world. Richard House provides a safe environment for her to do this.

The family are looking forward to Grace’s first residential stay, giving mum and dad some time to recuperate and concentrate on Archie and have time for themselves. Jade herself is also looking forward to coming to the mums’ group, where she can chat with other mums’ who understand what her life is like, and prevent the feeling of isolation, while Metin, is hoping to set up a dads’ group.

Staff are friendly and it feels like a home from home. The support we get has been incredible.

In addition to the above, through our Hospice at Home service the family also have weekly care provided in their own home, where a team of specialist trained nurses and play and care workers will support Grace’s health needs as well as providing social interaction and play.

Feeling less isolated and more supported is making a huge difference to all of the family.