Meet Angela

Angela is seven years old and has been coming to Richard House since she was a baby

Mum Priscilla said:“Before she was diagnosed I knew something was not right, but for the first 12 weeks I was convinced she was fine.  Diagnosis took quite a while and at first I didn’t understand what it was and meant.

Angela has Angelina has a complex heart condition called Cardiomyopathy this is where the muscles in her heart become enlarged. She spent over seven months in hospital having had five operations in that time until she was allowed to come home. It took seven months to stabilise before getting discharged.

Priscilla says;

She is a vibrant little girl, full of energy and mature beyond her age. She loves to gymnastics and does cartwheels everywhere I mean everywhere she can. She wants to do cheerleading. We love to go shopping together as she is a lil fashionista!

“Lately she has had to cut down a lot of activities as her heart can’t take much exertion and even a 20 minute walk is enough for to get tired and sleep for over 14hrs.

“Angela does pretty much everything at Richard House from swimming, cinema, ice skating. She also enjoys chilling and playing games with the staff.

“The poor staff have their hair done by her – she does put them through the mill!

“Not only do they provide respite care but the staff are amazing they listen especially when I’m stressed. I’m able to even go away and not worry about Angela or her medication.

“The word ‘hospice’ is associated with sadness and death. But to us it’s a magical place for the kids where they have fun know are well taken care of. As a parent when I leave Angela there my mind is a peace and I can get some rest.”

“Richard House means the absolute world to Angela and myself.”